Charlene Veitch

gbr United Kingdom
Fitness Instructor, Management

Charlene has always been into fitness, healthy eating and staying active for mental health and physical reasons and was always quite slim, but after having children, found that time was taken up with being a Mummy, housework and working as a Dental Nurse. She found it hard to find the time to go to the gym and lost her passion. She had also put on weight after having children and left wondering where the old skinny char had gone! A colleague suggested doing Insanity workouts and that’s where her passion for fitness rekindled it’s flame. She had time to workout at home and having someone guide her through a workout was very encouraging. After finishing the Insanity programme, she really wanted to help people and encourage them to stay active, inspired by the way Shaun T from Insanity helped her.

She enrolled on a Gym Instructor course 2015 and gained her first qualification. Within a few months, she was on another Personal Training course and qualified in the same year, along side a Smoking Cessation Advisor course. Having worked in a gym for a bit, Charlene found she didn’t feel comfortable in commercial gyms and found she was hearing the same story from people of the ‘embarrassment walking into a gym, feeling intimidated by fitter looking people, fear of people looking at them and people not really knowing what to do with equipment or training in general with no-one to ask!’ That’s when she decided to go from Personal Training in a commercial environment to her own studio gym where she could train clients in a quiet, private space and show them what to do and what they really are capable of!

On trying to encourage her husband to be more active, Char went along to watch him play basketball with Unity Through Basketball in October 2017. At the time she’d just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so her fitness levels had decreased, but still had the passion to train but modify. After meeting Troy, Maddy and the other guys, Char was encouraged to join in. She’d NEVER played basketball and didn’t see herself as the sporty type but with their encouragement, she’s now playing basketball and has never looked back since.

Charlene Also plays Netball with ‘Unity Through Netball’, women’s basketball with the’ Unity Through Basketball women-only team’ and is also learning to Pole Dance and training to be a Yoga Teacher! Charlene’s now very eager to help people through ‘Unity Through Fitness’ and help people in their fitness journeys.

Charlene philosophy is that tt doesn’t matter what size, shape, build or fitness level you are, fitness is for everyone and it comes in many forms. It isn’t about burpees, how many push ups you can do, how much weight you can lift or if you can do chin ups, wall walks or run a 7m in mile. It’s your journey, your time and together she can make a difference for you!