One thing we always bang-on about is that when you join us, whether it’s playing for one of our teams or helping us create a charitable event, you instantly become part of the U.T.S family.

We believe in the saying ‘there’s strength in numbers’ and that is our mission. We are always looking to grow. We feel that the more people that become part of Unity, the more amazing things we can achieve.

With this in mind, if you are looking to form a team in the local basketball or netball leagues, then we’d love for you to come under the Unity umbrella. We’ll help get you and your team started, get you involved with our charity events and even help you grow your own individual ideas. On top of this we can also look to help fund your ideas.

We’ve already grown to 5 teams in the local West Devon County Netball league and are in talks about entering 3 new teams under the Unity Through Basketball brand in the local Plymouth & District basketball league.

For more information please call 07889 463792 or email

Speak soon.