Unity Through Sport has 2 very simple rules that form the foundation to our mission;

1. Make as much money as possible for those less fortunate than ourselves – using the sports we love. So far we’ve based our fundraising on using basketball and netball. Both sports are very energetic yet at the same time are approachable and easy to learn with a fantastic community in both sports.

2. Get everyone fit, both physically and mentally through exercise - We pride ourselves on being the guys you come to when you feel self-conscious but want to experience a sport that you might of seen on the TV or have wanted to have a go but concerned you will feel silly. THAT’S WHAT WE ARE ALL ABOUT! We make sure who ever comes to one of our training sessions or events, they automatically feel welcome and once you are with us, you’re basically part of the UTS family. We make sure you reach your goals, wether big or small and we guarantee you’re be crying with laughter at some point over something completely silly. We love it and hope you can join us, if you’re not already